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All over the world, researchers are investigating the health effects of dietary fish oil consumption. We invite you to read the overviews and study abstracts from the home page and to draw your own conclusions about the potential advantages of taking high-quality fish oil supplements. We encourage you to visit our web site periodically to read updated reviews of studies and to learn of the newest evidence in support of taking Omega-3 fatty acids.

Manufacturers of fish oil are required to test each batch they produce; however, in many cases, this testing is handled by the manufacturers themselves. Often testing is conducted prior to adding flavors and bottling, so the fish oil that is tested in-house may not necessarily be the same quality of fish oil delivered to the marketplace.

IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) is a non-affiliated third party and the internationally-respected source for fish oil analysis. IFOS scientifically tests and analyzes fish oils. This validation testing ensures that you are getting a safe and effective fish oil supplement that you can feel confident giving to your family.

The International Fish Oil Standard shows that pharmaceutical grade fish oils are much more potent, pure and fresh than health food grade fish oil. This provides more omega 3 benefits than ordinary fish oil.

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